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Combining social research with innovative visual information technologies to generate empirically grounded knowledge, made accessible for a broad range of audiences.
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Monitoring & Evaluation

Exigo provides M&E services for humanitarian and development practitioners, to inform their programming throughout their design, implementation and closing phases by offering services such as baseline and needs assessments, third-party monitoring, and mid-term and final evaluations.

Media & Communications

Exigo produces various multimedia such as digital images, video, audio, and animation to disseminate evidence-based information for awareness-raising campaigns, advocacy, and educational purposes.

Social Research

Stakeholder analyses, knowledge, attitude & practices (KAP) studies, mapping and exploratory studies are examples of research services provided by Exigo.

Consultative and inclusive design

Stakeholder consultations: During the inception phase of our research and M&E projects, Exigo meets experts, beneficiaries, local community representatives and other informed individuals to ensure a relevant and appropriate design. Desk review: A thourough desk review process helps us identify research gaps, understand the context and validate our findings.

On the ground presence

Extensive researcher network: Exigo maintains a roster of trained and experienced data collectors across the communities where we work. This roster allows us to recruit enumerators and qualitative interviewers with relevant professional backgrounds, language skills and sectorial experiences at short notice.

Dissemination and learning

Through our communication strategy we reach various target groups to disseminate our research findings. Exigo is aware that certain information useful for a stakeholder may not be useful to others. Information is therefore presented in a format to meet the specific information needs of intended audiences. At Exigo we strive to document lessons learned from past experiences, from both research and M&E efforts, to inform future interventions and policy. Learning and sharing of valuable knowledge is an integral part of our mission.

Local and international
expertise combined

Technical expertise informed by local knowledge: We adapt our work to local realities, dynamics and sensitivities, and for this we rely on our local researchers from the communities where the research is undertaken. Our projects teams consist of a mix of international technical experts who work closely with local researchers. This approach ensures the relevance, appropriateness and sensitivity of our projects to local contexts.

Data quality,
integrity and security

Accuracy and accountability: At Exigo we put great importance in data quality and accountability. In addition to providing project specific trainings for field teams, we also rely on technological tools that help us monitor data collectors while in the field. Data is received on a daily basis and reviewed in real-time to ensure completeness, consistency and accuracy.

Safe and ethical data management: We use safe and reliable cloud services for data storage and sharing, as well as data security software to protect our data from unauthorized access, prevent data loss and ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other international frameworks.

Selected Works

A selected collection of projects

Sectoral Expertise

Exigo provides third-party monitoring, external evaluation and research services in the following humanitarian and development sectors



Early Recovery


Food Security




Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)

Sustainable Development





Social Cohesion


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