Monitoring & Evaluation

Exigo provides M&E services for humanitarian and development practitioners, to inform their programming throughout their design implementation and closing phases by offering services such as baseline and needs assessments, third-party monitoring, mid-term and final evaluations.

We collect empirical evidence through a participatory mixed-method approach, by directly engaging community members, beneficiaries and informed individuals, such as civil society representatives, local decision-makers, and private sector businesses in the communities where humanitarian and development projects are implemented.

Our network of well-trained and experienced field researchers and monitors collect information by applying a range of data collection methodologies, such as community and beneficiary surveys, focus group discussions, semi-structured key informant interviews, and community mapping exercises.

Media & Communications

Exigo produces various multimedia such as digital images, video, audio, and animation to disseminate evidence-based information for awareness-raising campaigns, advocacy, and educational purposes.
We believe in the importance of being able to think outside the box and combining artistic thinking with strategic communication.

To ensure the quality and relevance of our products, as well as to deliver outputs which our clients are happy with, a rigorous research process is integrated into all our media projects. This consists of information collection techniques such as desk reviews of online sources, key informant interviews, and focus groups with relevant stakeholders.

Further, Exigo conducts media analysis by systematically studying mass media content concerning social and political issues on for example migration, gender equality, the environment, and conflict.

Social Research

Stakeholder analyses, knowledge, attitude & practices (KAP) studies, mapping and exploratory studies are examples of practical research.

Exigo offers its clients social research services through a team of multi-national researchers who all have sector-specific expertise, including but not limited to: gender & inclusion, livelihoods, human rights, humanitarian action, migration, economic development, governance, and conflict resolution.

Exigo also conducts preliminary studies, for example for civil society organisations, in the form of feasibility assessments, which explore the viability of projects and ideas before they are implemented.

These assessments are important because they inform decision-makers about the technical and operational feasibility of projects before time and resources are invested, while also providing an opportunity to identify risks, barriers, and opportunities to ensure the design of relevant and effective initiatives.

Exigo’s researchers utilise a variety of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, and apply triangulation and mixed-method approaches to ensure the validity and reliability of their findings.

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