Nov 19, 2020

Remote management of teams – how do we do it?

Exigo thrives as a result of its diverse team that spans countries and continents. And as much as we would love to see everyone’s faces in person every day, this is a choice we have made in order to create the team that we have. As a result, we have significant experience and expertise in remote management, all the more important in an increasing virtual and technologically-inclined world.

These are just some of the ways in which we ensure coordination and communication with all of our colleagues and clients:

  • Slack: At the management level, we are big proponents of team communication platforms such as Slack that allow us to smoothly and frequently plan together, delineate tasks, share information, and gather ideas. 
  • Google Docs: Collaborating at the same time on reports and analyses, as well as offering each other feedback and edits, has never been easier with online word processing software such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • WhatsApp: In many of the areas in which we work, messaging applications such as WhatsApp are the most used and efficient form of communication, both for individuals and groups. This is particularly useful during our data collection phases, where real-time updates can be sent at the click of a button - and often with limited Internet access.
  • Zoom and Skype: Virtual presentations of our research and M&E findings are sometimes the best option, particularly when our clients are also spread out across the world. With a fast connection and prepared slides, we work hard at replicating a dynamic meeting room from our desktops.